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John Faul

Welcome to the Behaviour Solutions website.
Where bad behaviour comes to the end of it’s leash.

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My Story

My experience in the field of animal behaviour began at a very early age as I am an identical triplet boy.

Born into a large Irish family in rural Ireland, where we grew up with an amount of different wild and domestic animals.

During my early years of training and competing in Ireland I applied a methodology that my father had taught us, a technique called errorless learning.

Where the animal involved in the exercise was never allowed to feel like they had failed they would be encouraged to take as many different approaches as was needed.

Until they figured it out and then the positive reinforcement would kick in leavening the recipient with the pay off.

With a single happy memory of the exercise which made learning far easier, than the conventional methods of pull and choke into submission.

During that time I was involved in many different disciplines of Dog training where it was the same old attitude me Man you Dog I say you do, otherwise I will force you into submission.

I studied at the Animal Care College Canine Studies Institute in London where I was graduated with the class of 1994.

At the top level of our studies we dealt with the complexities involved in the Human Animal interface.

The primary focus of our work was on why animals do what they do, and how to create a behavioural environment that we could both appreciate.

Using a pain, punishment, and pressure free approach to teach the individual involved to either, deselect or strengthen and retain differing behaviour types for them self’s.

It is through using this understanding that I create a balanced and caring relationship between humans and their animal companions.  

Since qualifying I have practiced in Ireland, Great Britain, Australia, and South Africa.

I am a resident of South Africa, living in Cape Town, where I run a full-time practice.

I specialise in the treating of behaviour problems in domestic animals which mostly include Dogs and Cats.

Since immigrating to South Africa in 1996 I spent 23 years as an accredited practicing member of the Animal Behaviour Consultants of Southern Africa.

I now run an independent practice where I also run teaching seminars and courses for people wanting to get involved in the realm of animal behaviour.

I have written animal related articles for a number of newspapers and magazines including the Cape Times and Argus.

Over the last twenty five years I have been the guest Animal Behaviourist for Cape Talk and 702 and SA fm 3.

I have also done television appearances for the SABC Morning Live and for ETV on the above mentioned subject.

My continuing vision and aim for my practice is to create a win win situation for both the animal and the person involved in the relationship.

Where the Dog/Cat or any other pet get the leader that they so desperately need and we get the companion we deserve.


Reckon you've done it John. Shortly after you left, this is what we saw... Wonderful difference, and the first time in the 3 week we've had Bilbo, that it looks as though it's going to work. Many, many thanks. I'm sure we'll be back to you with many more questions in the near future.

– Best wishes, Ken and Jane (and our pack)

Thank you so much for your help! I can already see a huge difference in Toby and Maya. They do seem a bit rattled (pardon the pun😊), especially Maya, but they do listen and with the “rattle snake’s” help, they have stopped going into a frenzy with the neighbor’s dogs. The barking at passers by have also let up a little.

– Nicolette

Thank you so much for your time, insights and guidance this morning. Our family learned and benefitted enormously from your approach. There's no doubt that Oscar and Milo are already showing signs of more relaxed and less aggressive and hyped-up behaviour.

– Debbie

They’re getting on rather well: Star needed a bit of reminding with the bottle after lockdown and not having seen any dogs for such a long time, but 2 or 3 shakes and she’s been fine again since then 😊. We’ve been trying to master walking on the lead without pulling… it’s a bit of a process! But it’s getting better slowly but surely… in the beginning I genuinely worried she might asphyxiate herself, now she just pulls a bit in the beginning. Interestingly she walks better with Otti – it’s like she tunes into him a bit more!

– Lisa